HxD:最好的免费Hex Editor

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  不常用Hex Editor,备了一个XVI32:免费的hex
  • “我所发现的最好的免费hex
    editor是Hxd,它甚至比多数shareware的hex editor还要好:

    http://mh-nexus.de/programs.htm ”。
  • “xvi32跟hxd相比,相差甚远,界面、性能诸多方面。以打开一个300MB文件来说,hxd需要0.5秒,xvi32需要10秒以上。”

  到主页一看,看起来不错。尤其是开始一句“HxD is a
carefully designed and fast hex
editor…… ”

Mini screenshot of HxD hex editor and disk editor

主页 Download page


  • Instant opening regardless of file-size (>4GB is no problem:
    opening, editing are very fast)
  • Fast searching: forward, backwards or from beginning
  • Replace function (fast even for millions of edits)
  • Search and replace support Unicode, Ansi-text and
  • Disk-Editor: RAW reading and writing of disks and drives (hard
    disks, floppy disks, USB-disks, CD-ROM, …) for Win9x, WinNT and
  • RAM-Editor: can read and write virtual memory of other
  • Data-folding for better overview in RAM-Editor
  • Exporting of data to source code (Pascal, C, Java) or as
    formatted output (plain text, HTML, Richtext, TeX) or to hex
    Motorola S19 Records, Motorola S28 Records, Motorola S37 Records,
    16 Bit Intel Hex, 20 Bit Intel Hex, 32 Bit Intel Hex
  • Checksum-Generator: Checksum-8, Checksum-16, Checksum-24,
    Checksum-32, CRC-16, CRC-16 CCITT, CRC-32, Custom CRC, SHA-1,
    SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MD-2, MD-4, MD5
  • Insertion of byte patterns
  • File shredder for safe file deletion
  • Splitting or concatenating of files
  • File compare (simple)
  • Statistical view: Graphical representation of the character
    distribution. Helps to identify the data-type of a selection.
  • Support for ANSI, DOS/IBM-ASCII, EBCDIC and Macintosh
  • Byte grouping (1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 bytes packed together in one
  • Hex only or text only mode
  • Progress-window displays on long time operations (shows
    remaining time and has a cancel-button)
  • Unlimited undo
  • Modified data is highlighted
  • Internet update checker
  • Easy to use interface with modern icons
  • Ghost caret: displayed around the corresponding character/hex
    value on the inactive column, the caret is placed on the active
  • Goto address
  • Printing
  • Overwrite or Insert Mode
  • Cut, Copy, Paste Insert, Paste Write
  • Clipboard support for other hex editors (Visual Studio/Visual
    C++, WinHex, HexWorkshop, …)
  • Bookmarks: Ctrl+Shift+Number(0-9) sets a bookmark,
    Ctrl+Number(0-9) goes to a bookmark
  • Navigating to nibbles with Ctrl+Left or Ctrl+Right
  • Flicker free display and fast drawing
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